Sewer Service

Have you noticed your drainage system has started to slow down? Perhaps you’ve been hearing a gurgling sound coming from your toilet bowl. Don’t let these little nuisances turn into major problems requiring expensive repairs. Act now! Tree roots are usually the culprit behind sewer line damage. Thousands of feet of tree roots seeking moisture can invade your sewer line. Older clay tile pipes are most susceptible, but even concrete and PVC pipes are not prone to tree root penetration. Broken or clogged sewer lines can also occur due to objects lodged in your line. Extreme temperature changes and general deterioration may also cause sewer lines to buckle or break. Even simple ground shifting or improper installation can lead to problematic misalignment.

Video Sewer Inspection

Our state-of-the-art video sewer inspection spares you the hassle and expense of “exploratory” plumbing, an outdated process which entails digging up your yard and using a miniature camera to find the source of the problem. Video inspection can also confirm the structural condition of your lateral pipes and determine what is needed to solve the problem. Sometimes it’s as simple as an auger or high-pressure flush. Other times a more complex approach is in order.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Sewer problems used to automatically call for excavation on a large scale, with significant and expensive yard repairs upon completion of the sewer line repair. Now trenchless pipe repair–requiring only a few access points– provides a faster and more landscape-friendly option. This innovative replacement technology saves our customers thousands of dollars by minimizing property damage.

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